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Ghana Muslim Chamber of Commerce to be established

As the National Muslim Conference looks for an avenue to support local businesses through networking events and legislative advocacy

The National Muslim Conference (NMC) has announced plans to establish a Muslim Chamber of Commerce to support Muslim entrepreneurs and businesses in Ghana.

It comes as part of a broader vision of the NMC to actively champion the rights and interests of Muslims in the country.

The announcement came during the opening ceremony of the organization’s three-day national conference held at the National Mosque in Accra, aimed at promoting dialogue, collaboration, and the advancement of religious freedom and rights in Ghana.

The proposed Ghana Muslim Chamber of Commerce would aim to facilitate networking, business partnerships, access to financing, capacity building, and advocacy on behalf of Muslim business owners. It would act as an umbrella entity working on behalf of Muslims in the business realm.

Establishing the specialised business chamber was highlighted as one of the key action plans under the organization’s vision roadmap, as it can be a boon to the Muslim community in Ghana and beyond.

Speaking to Zongo Mail on the opening day of the 3rd edition of the conference, the General Secretary, Hajj Inusah Mohammed, said the NMC is looking for an avenue to support local businesses through networking events and legislative advocacy, which will be one of its “novelty considerations”.

“The Ghana Muslim Chamber of Commerce is one of the novelty considerations of the National Muslim Conference to see how we can harness the opportunities that are available and open to Ghanaian Muslims due to the influx of Muslim brothers  and sisters into the country,” he said on Friday, November 24th.

“There is a need to help small Muslim businesses grow and succeed through better representation and access to support services,

“We believe a dedicated Muslim Chamber of Commerce can fill this need.”

The creation of the Muslim Chamber of Commerce is seen as a proactive step towards empowering the Muslim business community in Ghana. With its establishment, the NMC seeks to foster economic growth, create networking opportunities, and support the development of Muslim-owned businesses across the country.

According to Hajj Inusah Mohammed, the chamber will help elevate the competitiveness and capacities of Muslim commercial enterprises.

“Our goal is to tackle challenges in accessing financing, penetrating global supply chains, adopting technology, and complying with regulations,” he said.

“The chamber will serve as a platform for entrepreneurs, professionals, and individuals from various sectors to connect, collaborate, and exchange ideas.”

He added that the chamber, if established,  will also offer support services, including mentoring, training programmes, and access to resources to aid in the growth and success of Muslim businesses.

The NMC expects the chamber to play a pivotal role in enhancing the visibility and influence of Muslim-owned enterprises while also fostering a sense of unity and collaboration among Muslims engaged in various economic sectors.

The national conference, which was held from November 24-26,  brought together Muslim leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs from across the country to address economic, social, and religious issues faced by Muslims in the country.



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