Hon. Zak Rahman launches ‘Iftar train’ for Muslim constituents during Ramadan

As he uses ocassion to dialogue ahead of of December polls

The NPP’s parliamentary candidate for Ayawaso East constituency, Zak Rahman, has announced plans to leverage the holy month of Ramadan, beginning March 12th, to combine an ‘iftar train’ initiative with voter dialogue sessions.

As Muslims are observing the period of fasting, reflection, and charity, Rahman aims to use these spiritual gatherings to also strike stronger ties with constituents ahead of the December 7th polls.

Throughout Ramadan, the candidate will join Muslim residents in breaking their fast at various iftar events across the constituency. These iftar gatherings will double as town hall meetings where Rahman can directly engage with voters.

“The blessed month presents a profound opportunity to come together, observe religious traditions and also understand the issues impacting our community,” Rahman stated.

“The iftar train allows me to demonstrate solidarity while listening to the concerns that matter most.”

The first-time candidate has already embarked on an extensive constituency dialogue tour. By seamlessly integrating his outreach with Ramadan’s ethos of unity and selflessness, Rahman hopes to bridge religious, cultural and political divides.

“Our doors and hearts must remain open to all, regardless of background. An inclusive approach focused on collective progress is crucial for uniting Ayawaso East behind a positive agenda,” he added.

The constituency is currently represented by the NDC’s Mahama Nasser Toure, who will be seeking re-election. However, the NPP is vying to flip what is considered an opposition stronghold.

Rahman’s Ramadan iftar train and dialogue outreach signal his intent to run a grassroots-focused, community-driven campaign showcasing a deeper understanding of diverse constituent needs.

As the holy month’s spiritual observations continues, the NPP candidate aims to tap into the blessings of fasting and charity to also foster stronger political ties with voters across Ayawaso East.

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