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Zak Rahman: NPP Ayawaso East PC visits Ruga and Nima East electoral areas with Iftar blessings

As he intensifies outreach with constituents of Aywaso East

Zak Rahman, the NPP Parliamentary candidate for Ayawaso East, has intensified his community outreach efforts during the holy month of Ramadan through his “Iftar Train” initiative.

Over the weekend, Rahman visited the Ruga and Nima East electoral areas on Saturday and Sunday, respectively, continuing his constituency-wide tour.

The Iftar events have been massive, with the candidate moving from one electoral area to another, sharing the fast-breaking moment with Muslim constituents.

These gatherings are normally followed by engaging dialogues, where Rahman seeks to understand the concerns and expectations of the voters should he secure their mandate in the December 7 election.

“The past two days have been the busiest of our Iftar train, as I and my team had the opportunity to meet with constituents at Ruga and Nima East electoral areas to share moments of Ramadan blessings with them,” Zak Rahman stated.

The visits to Ruga and Nima East follow similar Iftar stops made in other parts of the constituency, including the 441, Frankies, and Buuza 11 electoral areas.

Rahman emphasised the importance of these Iftar gatherings, saying, “This consistent effort to connect with the people and understand their concerns will undoubtedly contribute to a more meaningful and memorable Ramadan experience for all. It also demonstrates our commitment to serving the diverse needs of our constituents, regardless of their religious or cultural backgrounds.”

Rahman’s Iftar Train initiative has so far received massive endorsement from the constituents, as the NPP candidate aims to foster a deeper connection with the electorate, ahead of the December 7 contests.

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