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NPP’s Zak Rahman’s ‘Iftar Train’ makes second stop in Nima 441

As hundreds turn out for the fast-breaking event in unity

The “Iftar Train” community outreach initiative by NPP Parliamentary Candidate for Ayawaso East, Zak Rahman, made its second stop at the Nima 441 electoral area on Wednesday, March 20th.

The programme aims to bring the constituency’s Muslim community together through nightly iftar gatherings and dialogue sessions across various electoral areas during Ramadan.

At Nima 441, Rahman’s team facilitated an iftar moment where locals from diverse backgrounds harmoniously gathered to break their fast as the sunset approached.

I was truly humbled to continue my Iftar train outreach at the Nima 441 electoral area yesterday evening,” he said.

“441 became the second stop in our series of planned iftar programmes aimed at bringing a meal and a sense of community to Muslims across the Ayawaso East constituency during this holy month of Ramadan.

“As the sun set, it was beautiful to see people from all walks of life gather together to break their fast in harmony.

The Nima 441 event followed the inaugural Iftar train stop on Saturday, March 16th, where the parliamentary candidate hosted imams, Chiefs, and opinion leaders of the constituency.

Rahman’s planned tour intends to provide nourishing meals and a sense of community for Muslims fasting from dawn to dusk during this holy month.

“Ramadan teaches us the virtues of empathy, charity, and appreciation for our countless blessings,” he said.
“Seeing the smiles on people’s faces as they enjoyed the iftar meal together was the greatest reward.
“It reinforced my belief that we are all part of one human family, united by our shared hopes for peace, compassion, and understanding to prevail.

Iftar refers to the evening meal where Muslims break their daily fast after sunset during Ramadan. It holds great spiritual and cultural significance, marking the end of abstaining from food and drink from dawn to dusk as part of the sacred month’s fasting rituals.

While fostering solidarity within the Muslim community is a core objective, the events are open to all, promoting inclusiveness.

The well-received initiative has strengthened community ties while providing a platform for open dialogue and cultural exchange during this spiritually significant period.

“I look forward to our Iftar train making more stops in the days ahead, fostering that spirit of solidarity with the Muslim community here in Ayawaso East, Rahman said.

“May this Ramadan bring us all closer together and remind us of the preciousness of our common bonds.”

The Nima 441 iftar was the second in a series of planned iftar programmes Rahman’s team will be holding across Ayawaso East, using the occasion to engage the community to understand their concerns as he seeks their mandate for the December 2024 election.

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